Depending on the process, aluminium drop forged pieces have a smooth and homogeneous surface with a multitude of possible technical and decorative applications:

Chemical pickling smooth, matt reflective surface, silvery sheen
Abrasive blast cleaning
(shot blasting)
processed with stainless steel beads, cost-effective, environmentally friendly surface; matt, silky appearance.
Important: For components under dynamic stress, this process increases strength.
Strength blasting targeted strengthening of the component surface at points under high dynamic stress
Ball burnishing shiny, silvery surface; also advantageous for parts under dynamic stress
Combination of brushing, polishing and shining for the highest decorative requirements
Decorative anodising anodic oxidation, decorative colouring in all shiny metallic colours
Technical anodising anodic oxidation, surface and corrosion protection, wear protection and increased hardness for layers thicknesses > 30 µm
Chromating frequently yellow chromate for surface layers and temporary corrosion protection
Passivating like chromating, but chrome(VI)-free
Powder coating very decorative and resilient surface protection, layer thicknesses approx. 80 µm
Painting standard cataphoretic paints, limited corrosion protection, decorative surfaces
ZnS layers organic/inorganic thin-film coating for corrosion protection
Blasting with stainless steel or glass beads, aluminium granulate or corundum not only makes surfaces more decorative but also opens up a multitude of possible technical applications.