Development, design, simulation.

A lightweight component is only as good as the development work that has gone into it. Right from the concept and quotation phase, we consider all of the relevant factors, such as construction space, component and process requirements, potential materials, thermo-mechanical treatments and the balance between forging and mechanical processing. In this way, we are then able to produce a component that is ready to install and is tailored to the customer’s requirements. We use a broad range of technical tools and methods to achieve this:

The LEIBER pre-development department generally helps with brainstorming for lightweight design – both internally and externally. New forging techniques are developed here, such as the new hybrid forging of aluminium and steel materials simultaneously. Materials development is also involved even at this early stage, and takes innovative drafts and designs further by delivering maximum strength.

Component analysis and development

  • solidThinking Inspire topology optimisation software
  • MSC/Marc – General-purpose FEM system for component load analysis
  • MSC/Mentat – Pre- and post-processor for FEM systems
  • Close cooperation with specialist service providers for dynamic calculations

Material flow simulation and tool analysis

  • MSC/SuperForge – Forming simulation with finite volumes or elements
  • MSC/Marc - General-purpose FEM system for tool load calculation
  • MSC/Mentat – Pre- and post-processor for FEM systems
  • ERP system-related tool database with manufacturing cost and quantity analysis

Our calculation services

  • Strength calculations (optionally with contact, geometric or material non-linearities)
  • Topology optimisation
  • Contact calculations
  • Buckling and bending analysis
  • Thermo-chemical analysis
  • Forming simulations


  • Siemens NX7.5
  • Catia V5R19
  • simufact.forming V10
  • Teamcenter Engineering
  • Intranet knowledge base with real component stages
  • Viewer technology for visual support internally and externally
Before a tool is manufactured, a virtual test is carried out: here in a forming simulation.
The development and design area in Emmingen: this is where our ideas become reality.