Milling, turning, shaping, machining.

The flexible design of our machine park makes it possible for us to deal with a wide variety of jobs cost-effectively and quickly. We handle series and small batch production with the utmost dedication and reliability. LEIBER is rightly regarded as a first-class supplier of aluminium workpieces and assemblies.

We use multi-spindle technology with linear drives and linked production lines for large series and fast vertical processing centres for flexible handling. Processing using machines with five or four axes.

Systems are operated by hand, partially or fully automated depending on the batch size. Using a one-piece flow, secondary work such as high-pressure washing, electro-chemical deburring, ultrasonice washing and assembly work is carried out in parallel to the main production work.

Automated double-spindle machine with shuttle table for medium and high annual requirements (80,000 to 300,000 pieces a year). Reference components: Hydraulic control units (100,000 piece annual requirement), gearbox components.
A robot with an articulated arm finishes, deburs, washes and packs the component – and all of this in parallel to the main machining work. Then it puts new parts in position. The machine is therefore always working, ensuring optimal use.
Linked air-conditioned production centres for high and very high annual requirements (depending on complexity, several 100,000 parts a year). Reference components: Common rail flange with integrated control function (1 million piece annual requirement), hydraulic component with 200,000 piece annual requirement.