We rely on continuous quality management.

Our customers can build on the dimensional accuracy of our drop forged workpieces and the reliability of the materials we use.

Like the drop forging process itself, aluminium wrought alloys have a significantly higher inherent process reliability than cast alloys and the associated casting process. In order to demonstrate this, we make quality measurable. Our quality planning works on the “zero error” principle. In this way, we create the frame conditions for high manufacturing reliability and optimised work processes.

Each division is fully responsible for the reliability of its products. Self-testing is a central element in our quality management system. The air-conditioned measuring rooms with modern Coordinate Measuring Machining and scanning equipment are not only close to the production facilities but also attached directly to the individual divisions.

Our quality management begins with staff development. As a matter of principle, we place great emphasis on a long-term partnership with our staff. This also includes a comprehensive training programme, in which staff receive specific ongoing training. In this way, we guarantee that our staff not only meet our performance criteria of quality, productivity, flexibility and profitability, but live by them too.

We also arrange for our processes, procedures, products and services to be checked regularly by independent external auditors.

Download: Zertifikat ISO-TS-16949 LE.pdf
Download: Zertifikat ISO-TS-16949 LP.pdf
Everything that leaves our production facilities meets technical purity requirements. Checks are repeatedly carried out internally and by external laboratories to ensure that this remains the case in the long term.
At LEIBER we specify appropriate measuring intervals – because process capability must be mathematically demonstrable, especially when it comes to functionally important measurements.
Always at the highest level: our automotive (16949), rail (IRIS) and aerospace (9100) certificates.