Headquarters in Emmingen.

The place where all the threads come together.

The LEIBER Group GmbH & Co. KG has its headquarters in Emmingen in southern Germany, in the region between Tuttlingen and Lake Constance-Hegau, which is renowned for its economic power. The headquarters has excellent connections to the European road network and beyond. The German production site is also located here.

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Where you can find us / Germany

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LEIBER Group GmbH & Co. KG

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 1-3 

D-78576 Emmingen

Telephone: +49 (0) 7465 292-0 

Fax: +49 (0) 7465 292 210

The Ruda Slaska site.

The Polish subsidiary.

In order to open up new sales markets in eastern Europe, we established a second production site in Ruda Slaska in southern Poland (Upper Silesia) in 1995.LEIBER Poland Sp. z o.o. is a 100% subsidiary of the LEIBER Group GmbH & Co. KG. Small and medium-sized series and individual fully-developed series with reliable processes are manufactured here.

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Where you can find us / Poland

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LEIBER-Poland Sp. z o.o

Aluminium - kucie matrycowe i obróbka mechaniczna

ul. Magazynowa 33

PL 41-700 Ruda Śląska


Telephone: +48 32 7729-500

Fax: +48 32 7729-510