LEIBER turns up the volume

Emmingen-Liptingen. “For months now, we have actually been working on the opposite – on the reduction of noise” admits Dr. Rolf Leiber, tongue-in-cheek, while handing over a new hearing system to the sixth year students in the Witthohschule in Emmingen-Liptingen, “but in this case we are happy to make an exception.”

The LEIBER Group is donating a new hearing system to the Witthohschule in Emmingen-Liptingen – a truly sophisticated piece of high-tech equipment that will enable students with hearing difficulties to actively participate in class and, better yet, to apply themselves to the best of their abilities. Because thanks to the latest transmitter and receiver technology, the new equipment doesn't just amplify the words of the teacher, but rather all of the students' comments and contributions as well.

The initiative was started by Ingrid Bauer, head of the Witthohschule. “We didn't take a lot of convincing.” chuckles Dr. Leiber, “As a training company, partner and sponsor of young talent in the region, we were immediately taken with the project.”

The donation to the Witthohschule was a matter close to the company's heart and a welcome exception to its day-to-day work. “As an exception here we want to increase the volume of sounds, and not reduce them as we usually do in our company.” says Dr. Leiber. This alludes to the grievances of some Emmingen residents from the Ob Egerten area who made several complaints about the noise in the industrial region of Emmingen-Liptingen where today the company employs around 470 people in 3 and 4 shift operations and is looking for futher qualified employees.

Noise reduction is set to remain a topic for the company in the future. “The LEIBER Group is reliant upon continuous production. But we are aware that this can only work with the agreement of the residents. Even if we are within the legal limits we will continue to actively strive to reduce noise.” stresses the managing director of the LEIBER Group once again in conclusion.

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