As a value-oriented and high-performance company, the LEIBER Group sets high standards for itself and is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment/society, its business partners and employees, and all other interested parties. This awareness and the actions derived from it represent our corporate philosophy and are therefore inseparable from our identity as a company.

The foundation of our sustainable success in recent years – and of our daily deeds and actions – is our corporate values:

Sustainability ● Reliability ● Independence ● Commitment ● Innovation

Our aspiration is to be a “squeaky clean operation”. This also includes staying “clean” from a legal standpoint. The Code of Conduct contains our fundamental principles and sets out the framework that enables us to live up to these commitments and aspirations.

The Code of Conduct is addressed to all members of senior management, all line managers and all employees at all LEIBER Group locations, as well as our business partners throughout the supply chain.

Our business activities must always comply with all applicable legal requirements. For this reason, we also apply our internal ethical standards to our dealings with customers, suppliers, other business partners, competitors and public officials. In doing so, we aim to protect our employees, our customers and business partners, and ultimately the company itself.

Therefore, we want to give all our employees, our business partners and the wider community the opportunity to speak up about any abuses or circumstances that may indicate violations of the law or our Code of Conduct. Naturally, this information can of course also be disclosed anonymously if desired. All complaints and tips will be investigated with the utmost care, taking into account the legal situation.
Our Compliance Officer is available as a point of contact for all such matters and can be reached by telephone or e-mail.

Richard Gnirß
Compliance Officer
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 1-3 

78576 Emmingen-Liptingen, Germany 

Tel. +49 7465 292 - 268

Fax +49 7465 292 - 335



Code of Conduct




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