Forging Die - Shock Absorber Mount Head Bearings

Vero Software GmbH is continually developing new, efficient processing strategies. With the new, six-month release cycle, CAM users also benefit from the constant improvements within the WorkNC software. The result: quick, easy and effective component programming for the highest manufacturing requirements.

The Leiber Group recently heralded the construction works of the new production hall at their main facility with a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony. At the ceremony it was announced that the new hall at the Emmingen headquarters will be production-ready at the end of May! In future this hall will house Leiber employees for the processing of forged lightweight aluminium components.

The budding engineers from a variety of fields showed keen interest during a factory tour at our Emmingen facility where they were able to see the manufacturing of aluminium die forged parts at first hand.

LEIBER Group Sponsors Tracksuits for SV 1922 Emmingen

SV 1992 Emmingen ab Egg were able to kit out the kids' (7-10 year-olds) and U17 teams with new tracksuits thanks to a generous donation from the LEIBER Group.

LEIBER Group Donates to “Urmel” Children's Cancer Charity

Handing over a cheque at the Leiber Group in Emmingen: “Progress with lightness” is written under the logo of the family business. Almost as a counterpoint to this, a very “weighty” cheque was handed over there on Friday.

High-Octane Motorsports paid a visit to the LEIBER Group at the beginning of

December. The Formula Student team from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg came to visit us to thank us for our support over the past season.

Operating Highly-Complex Equipment

Good career prospects await the trainees at the Emmingen-based LEIBER Group: the company which currently employs around 800 people at two facilities, around 550 of which are in Emmingen, is growing steadily.

Do you know Emmingen ab Egg? Have you been to Ruda Slaska before? At LEIBER you could make your own personal impression of how Germany’s much-renewed medium-sized and family-owned industry actually works. Company founder Valentin Leiber started producing the pressing machines for spaetzle pasta in the post-war years.

LEIBER Group Donates Football Boots to Refugees

Of the refugees that are housed in Liptingen, five regularly come to training with the SG Emmingen-Liptingen football team.

LEIBER Group Donates €2,000 to Child Relief Project

The LEIBER Group from Emmingen-Liptingen donated over €2,000 to the children's cancer charity “Urmel” which is based in Tettnang.

For a long time we were looking for a project that is involved with children and that is genuinely reliant on support, says Rolf Leiber.

Smart Developments

Simulation-driven development allows new approaches in lightweight automobile construction. The barriers that these methods present and how they can be overcome, is explained by Dr. Lars Fredriksson, Director of Product Design at Altair Europe.

High-Octane Motorsports

The entire team have put an exhausting production phase behind them. In the past few months we have experienced highs and lows, but after quite a few all-nighters the “FAUmax iota” began to take shape.

Intensive Seminar at the LEIBER Group

The intensive seminar at LEIBER Group GmbH & Co. KG on the 12th of May 2016 in Emmingen-Liptingen focused on the local goal-driven leadership at shop-floor level. The participants from all over Germany received valuable tips by means of expert talks and workshops from Krüger & Partner business consultancy, and also from a 90-minute plant tour.

Graduation at LEIBER

Two young trainees at the Emmingen-based Leiber Group have passed their final exam and have also been taken on by the company. (Source: Gränzbote)

Software Provides Bulk Metal Formers with New Answers

A truck suspension beam made from cast iron, as previously constructed, and in a lightweight construction: without simulation the topology and material-optimised version would not have been possible.

CDU district assembly group makes a factory visit to the Leiber Group in Emmingen
Rolf Leiber: College is a Major Asset

“Progress with lightness” – so goes the slogan of the Leiber Group Emmingen. Managing director Dr. Rolf Leiber showed interested members of the CDU district assembly party what this actually means as part of their factory visit in Emmingen.

On the 8th of July 2015 automotive-bw organised a workshop for the TecNet groups “Lightweight Construction and Efficiency Technologies” at Leiber Group GmbH & Co. KG. The LEIBER Group is specialised in the manufacturing of lightweight components made from aluminium, magnesium and special alloys.

LEIBER sponsors the e-car

We began the 2015 season with our cCar at the Formula SAE in Brooklyn, MI, from the 13th to the 16th of May. Here we managed to achieve 1st place overall! A promising start to the season!

LEIBER Truck Suspension Beam in AUTOCAD Magazine

Even the early phases of product development inform the later manufacturing, usage and operational costs. Lightweight construction concepts are right at the top of the agenda. The benefits that they can offer without affecting product functionality, are explained by Dr. Wolfgang Seeliger, managing director of Leichtbau BW GmbH.


50 years of forging and processing in Emmingen – the LEIBER Group celebrates. More than 1,500 visitors showed up at the LEIBER Group's company/festival grounds in Lemmingen.

LEIBER Group from Emmingen started out as agricultural repair business
Aluminium Forge Celebrates 50th Birthday

Every year the Leiber company from Emmingen turns 14,000 tonnes of aluminium into lightweight components. “This definitely makes us one of the big players when it comes to forged components” says managing director Rolf Leiber.

LEIBER Group supplies aluminium grey iron braking discs for BMW series
Accolade for the Hybrid Forge

Hybrid forging  |  Aluminium specialist Leiber's lightweight construction concept of “the right material in the right place” allowed them to lead the way in the development of the innovative forming technology. Today a hybrid-forged brake disc saves 4 kg of weight in BMW series vehicles.

Emmingen-Liptingen. “For months now, we have actually been working on the opposite – on the reduction of noise” admits Dr. Rolf Leiber, tongue-in-cheek, while handing over a new hearing system to the sixth year students in the Witthohschule in Emmingen-Liptingen, “but in this case we are happy to make an exception.”

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